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MCL Power Clean provides fully mobile media blasting services to all of Central Ohio. We are proud to call Grove City our home and look forward to assisting our great customers with all their blasting, stripping and surface preparation needs!  

Basic Service List, We Have Many More!



We can safely blast graffiti, multiple layers of paint, stains and other coatings from block, brick, motar, concrete etc. We can even remove thermoplastic stripes from pavement and concrete floors. The best part is that we can do all of this without chemicals. 


Most projects can be completed in one day. We also offer in ground pool paint removal! Don't hesitate to call, text or email questions. I will be happy to answer you quickly.



Stripping your car of its paint, rust and body filler can be a tough and confusing decision. Many of our customers want more information on the process so they can make a decision that works best for their needs. Although there may be no perfect method, we believe the dustless media blaster is the best all around option for getting your project paint ready. WE CAN STRIP FIBERGLASS WITHOUT HARMING GEL COAT!

EFFICIENCY: By being fully mobile, our service can take the stress out of transporting the vehicle and provide you with an opportunity to watch the magic of dustless blasting from the comfort of your own home.

MOBILE: All of our equipment is combined onto a truck and trailer combination. We will strip cars, trucks, tractors, trailers or any other vehicle in driveways, industrial lots, autobody shops, fields, large yards or wherever we can perform the service without disturbing neighboring properties or businesses. We take the blast to wherever is most convenient for you.

COST: Each job is specific to the customer and their needs. Estimates are always free and I will be happy to answer any questions you have. Our reliable service makes us the right choice every time.





*Wood projects require inspection to gauge surface hardness and material to be removed. MCL will not blast lead based paint.*




Boating is one of the most fun recreational activities and owning a boat can be a pleasure for sure. But when the time comes for maintenance sometimes owning a boat can be a real chore. The used boat market is packed with huge luxurious boats for a fraction of new boat prices. You may be tempted to purchase a used boat but fear that repainting the bottom or cleaing the organics off the bottom may be impossible. Our dustless blasting system is perfect for boats! It doesn't matter if it's aluminum or fiberglass, we can remove all the old paint without harming the fiberglass or gel coat. We can also remove organic material from anchors, props, rudders and outdrives.  


Being fully mobile, we can bring the blaster to the boat. You will have to prep the boat for hull paint removal by having a local marina set it on stands or furnish another way to get if off the trailer. If you just want your props or outdrives cleaned we can perform that service in your driveway! They will be ready for new paint and many more years of service. 




There are so many possible applications for this type of service it would be impossible to list them all. Our business and industrial clients will benefit from the dustless platform in many ways. First, this process can be performed without shutting down areas where blasting is taking place (with exceptions). If dry sand blasting is required due to water restrictions we can switch the machine to dry blasting for ultimate versatility. We can perform graffiti removal working right along side other contractors. We can prep fixed equipment for paint without disturbing other areas. We can prep concrete floors for paint in warehouses with the large amount of dust associated with traditional blasting. If you have been looking for a way to freshen up your facility or you are a general or construction contractor in search of a reliable dust free blasting company, give us a call. We will be happy to discuss commercial discounts! 


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